Your Life, Ten Feet Away.

Everyday, people dream over what their life could be like and dawn over what their life could have been like.  They ponder over past memories in order to create some new ones, but have they ever seen their own lives flash before their own eyes. Their own lives flash before their own eyes in broad daylight rather then through the media of their minds. I have seen a glimpse of my own life via my own reality.

In the past when I was younger, I yerned for only one. In the present as I grow older, I learn from only one. In the future when I become wiser, I shall give thanks to only one. And so shall she; the little girl sitting ten feet away. The little girl sitting who squirms and giggles with her father; her father is her only hero, her father is her only chance. He is the father who raises his little girl up when she cannot reach. He is the father who opts to spend the day with his little girl rather then the day to himself. And he is the father who has made his little girl  everything that she is today.

Imagine the scene; sitting in a practically empty restaurant at an hour where this young girl should already be tucked into bed. The two sit across from each other at a table that could fit six more, barely touching their meals. They are too busy talking, talking about whatever simple thought popped into their heads, discussing every minor detail of it.  Now, imagine the emotions; they are at opposite extremes. A lighthearted spirit is compacted in the tiny body of a little girl. An unstable worrier is floating in the mind of a father. She ponders over nothing while he ponders over everything. He ponders over tomorrow, over next week, over next year. He questions what will come from each of these set periods. Due to the absence of a mother figure, he is only a single parent responsible for a single life. He would give anything for her smiling face. He would give everything for her happiness. For he is in love with who she has become, he is in love with who she has made him become.

This is my father, this is my life all but ten feet away. I am everything I am because my father loves me..

You’ve got all you ever knew of home
You’re scared scared to see
Your mother there in the door
You wonder where did the years go

All we know is distance
We’re close and then we run
Kiss away the difference
I know you hate this one
But this is how the story ends
Or have we just begun
To kiss away the difference
I know you hate this one

You And Your False Assumptions.

If there’s one think I can’t stand it is an assumption. I’m not going to say it, but you already know what they make out of you.

Assumptions, the only thing they accomplish is false accusations. School is filled with stereotypes, from high school seniors to elementary school kindergartners. We created the hardcore and the prep. We created the gothic and the cheerleader. We created the punk and the nerd. We created the jock and the band geek. We created the indies chicks  and the tomboys. We created something that is based more on looks and less on personality. We created something that will destroy us. Going to the mall with the preppy girls doesn’t make you a gossiper. Going to band shows with the hardcore kids doesn’t make you a rebel. It’s what you do and say that classifies you. What you expect from the bad kids, you’ll get from the good. What you expect from the good kids, you’ll get from the bad. Expect the unexpected in people. Change your expected opinion and you’ll change society into the unexpected..

I am a person, so I must be stereotyped..

An Updated About Me

Sarah CastellanoI have changed a lot in my life and if you look back at me in a few years from now, you will see a completely new person. because seasons change, same goes for people. what i used to be is not what i am and what i am has nothing to do with what i will become. my life is my masterpiece, some parts brighter then others, some parts more clear, but for the rest, it waits to tell a story of its own. I have come to realized it’s best to say goodbye to what people want to hear and hello to what people need to hear. It’s best to forget what’s pleasing to the eye and start with what’s sensitive to the ear. Later on, the only thing that will truly matter are the eyes you see through, whether you view the world through a dull black and white or through the lustful colors that they truly are. When I look into the mirror where people only see the good, I will see the bad. I will see the flaws that make me perfect. And I will see the mold that I left unfilled for I’d rather be mocked for my beliefs rather then applauded for everyone else’s artificial assurances. And at this young age I have learned that individuality is earned, not given.

A Single Pair of Feet

You look down at them to see how much you have grown. You look down at them to see the scars that were made. And they tell you how much your personality has grown and show you how well you have healed, because you’re feet can take you far. You look down at them and see where they can take you. They take you to the places where you are capable for success, where your dreams lay, where your soul sores. You look down at them and see where they have taken you. They have taken you to the places where you have grown up, where your life began, where your memories unfolded.

I look down and I see a future, for I will walk until my distance is satisfying and until my dreams have been long passed by. I will walk until my life is fulfilled.


What makes us cry?

     The other night I was thinking about what really makes people cry and I have come to realize that the memories we hold can cause our eyes to water up and our hearts to sink to the bottem of our guts’. Whether the memories are good or bad, the tears are from happiness or sadness, the thought is positive or negative: they impact the way we feel.

We cry over the memories of pain that we hope to never relive. We cry over the memories of suprise that we never expected such a good thing.

     The reasons you cry always depends on how you look at the situation, but no matter what, tears are tears and a side of us never wants to have to whipe them off our faces.

Do you define a person by their actions or theit intentions?

untitled.jpg picture by LMAOxSarahWe all want to judge someone by their intentions because they are usually to do good, but if you have intentions without actions, it’s pointless. If you have actions to work with your intentions, it’s worth it.. to take the first step and open the door.

I judge people by their actions because if in their heart they hope to make a difference due to their intentions, then there will be multipal actions until the goal is fulfilled. Their first action may fail, but they will try and try again until that difference is made and the door is unlocked.

“Because intentions are like dreams, they aren’t there to be thought about; they are there to be done and believed in.” -Sarahf09

I Was Once Told..

From living my life day by day, breath by breath my view on who i was as an individual changed in a blind of an eye when i was told this:

“We are all here for a purpose and I’m just figuring this out at now. So don’t miss out on your purpose by not being ready, because if you miss out, the world misses out on something really great. So be ready.”

Even though they are just words they have an impact, the range great or small depending on the listener. But to me, they completely changed my world. If you don’t know who you are, how can you live your life, because everything we do, everything we think has a unique pieces that only you can bring to the puzzle. So step back, take a breath, and open your eyes because we all need to sort out our own questions on our own life. Those answers will reflect you, those answers are you and your purpose: dont let the world miss out on you.

One Wish

The world would be so much better if people set aside just one of their opinions and just met a persons personality and wisdom rather then their skin tone, body shape, or appearance in general. And if people just thought of everyone equally, then life would reach a new level: a level where we could forget about racial discrimination, forget about looking better then the person next to us, forget about worrying about excepting your looks, but start excepting your soul. It would cleanse the body of any unsureness and start a new chapter in the lives of everyone. Is that a possibility, or is it past our grasps above our heads.


A New View

Before i can even attempt making a difference in this world of ours, i need to open my eyes. i need to see the different views on life. i need to see the true colors of the world. In order to accomplish my dream of peace, i need to be able to except the fact that things can only get better if they get worse first. To help someone else, you need to help yourself by knowing that you make a difference Whether it is big or small, it’s a difference and it changes not only your perspective, but others as well.

clouds.jpg image by FindStuff2

Life has many stepping stones and one represense different dreams, hope, and fears. And once you have taken your second step, you can look back and see your memories.

In the Future

The New Year has come and so had new hopes. Whether they be a less polluted surrounding, a safer neighborhood, more smiling faces, or a physical appearance change, they all mean something to someone. And mine means a whole lot to me, it is my purpose in life.

Every day I wear a peace necklace, not to make a fashion statement by as a remembrance. If we all try and we all believe, the world can be at peace. And Juan Mann, my hero, symbolizes that. His simple idea to give simple strangers a hug, just to brighten up their day, has become a world wide accomplishment. Day after day, Juan would go out to public cities holding a sign that read “Free Hugs” and get passed my laughing adults that see right through the meaning of his actions, until one single women brought a bit of hope to his heart. One hug. One hug is all it took for this man to grow a meaning. A banned was placed on the loitering with the Free Hugs sign. He needed ten thousand signatures. Juan managed to get them all not because people liked him and got a few laughs, but because he had a purpose and he wasn’t willing to just give it up and move on.

A brighter tomorrow is possible and I’m going to follow in Juan Mann’s footsteps. He has brought it to my eyes that without hope, there is nothing to live for. And without a heart filled with passion, there is nothing but a dead soul. ‘A simple heartfelt idea that makes a beautiful statement of the spirit of our humanity.’