7 thoughts on “If I was an animal, which animal would I be?

  1. if i was an animal i would be guinea pig..because its random !!!

    and the colour that i want for intrenational happy colour day is yellow…coz its nice and bright..

  2. Climbing trees — I’m not sure — I could fall? Haven’t decided what animal I would like to be but will keep thinking. You post on 9/11 was really good. Looking forward to your future ideas for what you will write about,

    Thanks Sarah for telling me you are part of the blogging competition.

  3. G’day Sarah,
    Welcome to the blogging competition. I hope you enjoy the activities.

    Now a panda is endangered so you’d think they would be looked after well, but … no not for me … I would rather be sloth – slow and not much to do in life, or a dolphin – sleek, fast and can travel.

  4. Hey Sarah, thankyou for the commenting on my blog! If I was an animal I would be a bird, because they fly and sore through the sky all day and eat worms out of the ground lol. Anyway cya later hope we can keep the comments going back and forward all the time! Oh and you have a great blog by the way. Cya Aaron

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