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One fact that most people don’t know about me is that I strive to be different because normal people bore me. I view myself as a deep human being with a unique passion for art and diversity, and if that is unnoticed then they clearly don’t know me well enough. When others ask me about my personality and the way I act I tell them the cold, hard truth, because if I tell them anything else but the truth, I would just be lying to myself. I view the world in strange ways, I write poetry about events or feelings that only I would comprehend, and I strongly believe that if the individuals of the world try hard enough that one day the world will finally be at peace.

Even though I am only at the age of fourteen I know a lot about life. I know to be thankful for what I have even though it might not be so great at times. I know that somewhere out in the world there is a child without parents, a child that doesn’t have as well of an education as I do, some that might not even have a roof over their heads nor clothes on their backs, but I have all those wonderful things. If I could I would call that number on the television that pops up, and send that thirty dollars ever month to give another human that as the same rights and same dreams as me, just to make them happier and smile a little bit more in their lives. The greatest feeling is when you make a difference for the better. When I am old enough and ready I am going to adopt a child because I don’t see the point of bringing another life into this hectic world when there are some that deserve a better life. I would care for that child like it was my own, because I know what it feels like to lack being loved at one time or another.

My home life can be a riot and a bit chaotic periodically, but I have met some magnificent people to help me get through it all. There is one person that I think of when i hear the word hero. They enter into my mind in a blind of an eye. That person would have to be my dad. He always puts his loved ones before him. When I am sad he comforts me as much as a father could help his teenage daughter. After a tight bear hug I would look into his eyes and they would scream, “i am sorry you have to go through this!” In a sixth grade heroes report I wrote about my dad and how much I would miss him if anything was to ever happen to him. I described him as an angel without wings and to this day I still stand behind that. I have another hero that I never expected to end up being one of the few people I would die for. Never did I anticipate such a connection with this inspiring person. It was more then just a student to teacher friendly acquaintance, he was considered apart of my family. Mr Filipek is the only teacher I have ever felt completely safe to express my feelings to without being judged. The last hero that I will always have in my heart is truly my best friend, Curtis. Even though he lives in Canada, I tell him everything. He understands me like no one else does. I believe the reason we have such a sturdy bond is because he goes through the same pain. Curtis is like that only guy that walks into your life when the rest of the world walks out and for that he will always be like a brother to me. I had to talk about these three genuinely big hearted people because without them I would be missing a little piece of me.

As you already have read, I love art, writing, and basically anything that can get my creativity level up. I write from the heart, but even though I write so much I am not a good speller at all. Spelling would probably be one of my main weaknesses. Another bad habit that I sadly have is that I am a procrastinator. I wait for everything last minute which is why I think last year was a total failure. Last year I focused on less important things like then school which is why I am more determined to be a success this year. If I am forced to do something then I wont put my all into it. Since I like more hands on activities, in the future I am planning on being either a photographer or a teacher of some sort. I would like to be a photographer because I refuse to go through life unnoticed. I want my photographs to mean something, not just some random photos of a model sitting there smiling. Last of all, my most recent achievement is that I have finally come out of my shell and ready to show the world what I am capable of. I am going to be an individual, I am going to stand out and be proud of my work, but most importantly I am going to do it now, not tomorrow.

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  1. Hi Sarah, its Katie. I read your whole blog page, and your an amazing writer!! I know that if you ever majored as a writer, you would be on top of the sales because when I read your blog, I could relate to what you wrote. From wanting to be different, to succeeding, and everything you wrote about, people will buy what you write because people want to be able to relate to somebody and know that there not the only ones that feel a certain way. People want true writing and literature;not fantasies that will not happen. Keep writing!!!! I am coming back to see this, and please comment on my blog!!!!

  2. I don;t Blame you for wanting to come to Australia it’s awesome here! you say we have accents but i don;t think we do, (you cant tell if someones from outta state if they don;t soud any different to yourself) which raises an interesting question:
    Why do people from different parts of america have different accents? it makes no sense to me


  3. great blog sarah. very well written im looking forward to seeing more things like this on your blog in the future!!

  4. Hey Shrah.

    Have you been on the site and registed?.
    You register, by going onto the site and up the top there is Sign Up, you click on that and type in your details. Then go to MP3 Playlists and chose the type of Playlist you want by clicking create now. Then you can chose the songs you want, the colour of your playlist. When your finished with that go to Save (Get Code) and click adn copy the myspace code, then on your blog go to Design, Widgets, text and paste the code into the text box and save.

    If you have any troubles just comment me


  5. Wow,
    I’m surprised we don’t talk much because I think so much like you. Your posts are really sick. I deff appriciate your view on people who are less privaleged because I think of that every time I want to complain about something. You got out a important point. I hope people who aren’t like you see that point, because it could change how they think. Nice job =]

  6. -MY HERO(:
    WOW Sarah!
    I think anyone can tell you like to write and you actually know how to write. I am speechless, this was a great post. By far the best one I have seen. You understand your life and who you are so well. You’ve made me realize that theres more to life than just fitting in. Instead of going with the flow you’ve made me realize to STAND out. Sarah what you say really means a lot to me.If you ever need someone to talk to I’m here. Comment any time.

    your cheese buddy!

  7. Oh My Sarah! Now that’s the absolute best blog I have ever read. You can just pick up a pen. or copmuter keyboard in this case, and just write, write about anything and everything. I think it’s amazing how you can do that. I two agree that Mr. Filipek was the only teacher I could really talk to. He is such a good person. Mr. Fil understands you, and can relate to you. He’s seen many things. I just can’t get over the fact of how you can express yourself so freely. IT’S AWESOME AND AMAZING!!!! Keep up the good work. :] Olivia

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  9. Wow, you write so beautifully. I am so jealous. You definably have a gift. It is great that you opened you eyes and acknowledged the under privileged people.
    P.s thx for the comment. I also like We The kings, All Time Low, and Bring Me the Horizon,
    I never heard of escape the fate or Before Their Eyes

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