John McCain, a future hero.


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I will be supporting John McCain in this upcoming election.
I’m supporting him simply because he is a republican. In my eyes, democrats want to push tiny problems and responsibilities to the government. Republicans, on the other hand, are willing to take up the challenge of leading their own lives even if it means falling we are willing to pick ourselves back up. As I walked down the street I saw many “Vote Obama!” signs and thought about how many people are thinking about taking the easy way out. Farther down the street, near the gazebo, I saw a huge John McCain sign and around it was a crowd of republicans. Some were old and some were young, but they were all standing together; they are fighting together. They are making a choose to led their own lives because they know if we let government control our rights we might as well let them control our freedom as well. John McCain believes in a pro-growth, pro-jobs strategy to get our economy back on track by creating more jobs for unemployed people. He is going to “preserve and protect” the lives of American citizens like a good president should by using his knowledge from combat to help strengthen our armed forces. Also, he will make sure family dreams of buying a dream house are not crushed by incorrect mortgages.

You should not discriminate John McCain over his age or applaud his apposing candidate over his race. Both are equal. John McCain is just trying to fulfill his dream whether he is young or old. John McCain is our future hero.



Let me ask you a simple question; what is it? It’s a thing that everyone knows about, but not many understand. It’s a daily struggle to survive. It’s a question asking what tomorrow may bring. It’s like a disease that can only be cured by hard work and luck.

By the time you went into kindergarten you knew there were people without shelter, without food, without clothes to keep them warm, but you didn’t worry about it because you were only five or six years old and too young to understand. We don’t understand simply because we are not going through it. But to this day, people know that there are others living horrible lives yet some of us let it slip our minds. You can do something to help. I am and it’s called There are many causes that you can fight and raise money for. Some of the causes are poverty related while others are just lending an extra hand. Socialvibe is free, so a few simple clicks can change a person’s life.

One hundred thirty-four children between the ages of seven and eighteen have never been to a school. That is poverty. Six million children under the age of five die every year as a result of hunger. That is poverty. Ninety-two percent of the fourteen million children that were born with HIV or AIDS are living in Africa. That is poverty. Measles, malaria, and diarrhea are three of the biggest killers of children even though all are preventable or treatable. That is poverty. About one hundred seventy-one million children have to suffer and work in hazardous conditions. That is poverty and it can be stopped.